Words Are Already Working Hard For Your Business, But The Right Words Will Work Even Harder (And You Reap The Rewards)

Hi, I'm Peter Swanson. This is me and my 5 kids in Mexico. (My wife is taking the pic:)
Hi, I'm Peter Swanson. This is me and my 5 kids in Mexico. (My wife is taking the pic:)

Hi, I'm Peter Swanson: Engineer, Philosopher, Father of 5, and Copywriter.

Let me ask you:

Is Your Value Being SEEN?

It’s not enough to have a valuable product or service.

It’s not even enough to show the value of your product or service.

What you need is for that value to be seen.

You can “show value” all day long to a potential customer, and at the same time that value can fail to be seen.

Let me explain...

“If your student hasn’t learned, you haven’t taught.”

This quote about the job of a teacher hit home when I first heard it and makes a great point:

It’s not enough to stand in front of an audience and talk. That’s not teaching.

Nor is it enough to announce to potential customers: “Look at how great this is! Look at what I'm promising you! Look at what people say!” That’s not marketing.

And it isn't going to make sales.

If your potential customers' eyes don’t see the value of your product or service for themselves, your sales will remain far below their potential.

And that's where words come in.

The right words. In the right order. In the right context.

The right words can reach out from the screen into the very minds of your potential customers, and coax them to look at your product or service for themselves.

The right words awaken sleepy desires, reveal new possibilities, and instill confidence that your product or service can improve their life.

The right words inspire them even to the point of willingly risking their hard-earned money on your product or service.

And on top of all that, the right words need to withstand the onslaught of distractions, jadedness, past disappointments, skepticism, and hundreds of competing offers.

Words have a big job to do.

Does your business have the right words yet?

 Here's Why I Can Help You Get The Right Words In Your Business

Do you need help putting the right words to work in your business?

Here are 6 snapshots of my thinking:

1) I Prioritize Your Priorities: I believe sales comes first. 

2) I Ask Deep Questions: I find the buried treasure in your value that you're overlooking.

3) I Hate Sloppy Thinking and Sloppy Language: Clarity is king.

4) I Study Extensively: I’ve focused on sales psychology and copywriting for the past 5 years.

5) I Have Breadth: I’ve written a crazy range of styles over 20 years.

6) I Get It Done: I don’t need hand-holding, I'm efficient, and I solve problems for breakfast.

In short: I use deep thinking and copywriting best practices to ensure your unique value is actually seen by your potential customers, which means more sales for your business.


How We Start Working Together

I like specifics.

Here's what it looks like to bring me on as a copywriter for your business:

1. We talk/screenshare for an hour or so to get to know each other and explore your businesses growth opportunities related to copywriting. (If it turns out to not be a good fit, no worries. I'm sure we'll both have learned something from each other so it's still a win.)

2. Afterwards, I mull our discussion and put togther a proposal based on your needs and growth opportunies. Building out or optimizing critical email sequences is a common first step. But there may be other higher impact opportunities to focus on first. I'll also suggest any useful tools or methodologies that may be relevant to your needs, like message testing. I'm happy to just do what I'm told, but I'm also happy to offer guidance and take an active role in your overall business strategy.

3. By email or call, we agree on the scope of work, deadlines, and retainer. It's month to month, and you pay AFTER work is done. I'm on the hook, not you.

4. We set up a communication channel and access to relevant assets and accounts.

5. We have a deep dive call where I extract all relevant information locked up in your and other team members' heads that can help with copy and messaging.

6. I start grinding and seek frequent feedback to start as I dial in my understanding of your requirements and expectations.

7. We monitor results as new copy is deployed, and modify copy as necessary.

8. I welcome and take into account all feedback and direction, however much you want to give.

9. We continue as long as the relationship remains a win-win, adjusting as necessary when projects are completed or new ones come up. You can choose specific services ala carte as needed as well.

Common Service Prices

Service proposal will be customized to your needs and budget.

price packagessm

Reach Out... Right Now!

If you're interested in exploring working together, please send a quick note below...

I'm sorry, I hate these forms for some reason, but they are convenient. I'll get back to you within a day. (I updated this October 7, 2023, this is not a defunct page.)

Just include what your business does (just a link is fine) and a sentence or two about what sort of services you're interested in.

I'll email you to set up a time to talk at your convenience. (And I might spy out your current marketing beforehand!)

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